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Mount Ararat Summer Trekkings

Racha Treking


Trakking Borjom-Kharagaulsky reserve, one of the largest in Europe. Acquaintance with the famous Georgian brand Borjomi city. Interesting excursions, bathing in a thermal spring, unique ecological environment, exciting routes and environment.

The path to the biblical mount will begin in Tbilisi. A unique tour during which you will be in two countries, Georgia and Turkey.

Next season, as always, we have tracks in a fabulously beautiful region, Racha.

Waiting for you is the life-giving air of this region, magnificent nature, delicious food - all for your health and good mood!

The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park




Georgia Summer 2019

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Excursion Tour
Ajaria, Tbilisi, Kutaisi

Season May-October

Day 1. Appearance in Tbilisi. Placing in the hotel. Tbilisi, excursion on the city. Starting with the excursion on the church, Anchischi, in the Old Town, we are greeted with a bunch of bloody bouquets, drowned in the Injirnoy thrush, climbed to the Meteer temple. Let me go to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Sabaean). Will be returning to the hotel. Free time

Day 2. Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion to Kazbegi. Deliver a relief to Aurelius, watching the temple complex. Further, Stephen Stepping up and down to the temple in the temple of the Holy Trinity (Herges), opens the ghosting spirit. to Stepazyn and to Kazbegi. Further, it is returning to the Voenno-Georgian road, resting on the Passanuru. Rejection. Placing in the hotel.

3-day Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion in Kakheti. First stop - Bodh monastery. The Progulka on Signakhi. And you can love the Alazan valley. Next Taste Consumption in Tiananal. Telavi, Hombrook, and returning to Tbilisi.

4th day. Breakfast in the hotel. Passage to Kutaisi. On the way we would like to stay in the dining room of Georgia Mtskheta. We see the Svetiskhoveli temple, the monastery complex of Samtourro and Shiomgvime and the Jvari. Possession of hotel in Kutaisi. Прогулка по городу, Посещение Баграти.

5 day Breakfast. Excursion of Sataplia. Peshmerin Prometheus. Cannavaro Martvili. Transfer to Batumi. Accommodation in the hotel (Gonio)

Day 6. Breakfast. Excursion to Batumi. Free time

Day 7. Free day

Day 8. Transfer to Tbilisi. Placing in the hotel

Day 9. Breakfast breakfast. Transfer to the airport

* The price is calculated in each specific case in the group of tourists in the group